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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

In Japan, Seijaku is described as a stillness of mood in the midst of activity.

Seijaku can be found in nature but can also suggest virtues of human character. If you have ever visited a Japanese garden, you will understand the stillness and peace you can find amongst the busyness of a large city. Seijaku helps us to find a calm state of mind in a busy life.

Our vision with the Seijaku collection was to evoke feelings of tranquility and peace with the neutral Origami tones chosen. Each piece in this collection illustrates everyday moments that evokes feelings of tranquility such as the sound of rain or sitting down with a cup of tea.

Our entire collection was photographed as a series of self-portraits by Sophie Miya-Smith.


Ocha (おちゃ) is the Japanese word for tea. Tea holds an important place in Japanese culture as an ancient ritual of relaxation and mindfulness. Drinking tea at home can become a daily ritual to centre us and bring us back to the present moment. The brown tones of the Ocha Washi Origami paper reminds us of delicate tea leaves.

Origami Fan Earrings
Ocha Fan Earrings


Sanpo (散歩) translates to 'taking a stroll' or going for a walk for the purpose of relaxation. Going on a 'sanpo' in Japan is often associated with removing yourself from everyday stressors and taking time to gain perspective. Similarly in Western culture, many people go on a walk to clear their head. The textured white Sanpo Washi Origami paper evokes feelings of tranquility and peace much like a walk.

Sanpo Crane Earrings


Onsen (温泉) is the Japanese name for a hot spring. Hot springs have been used in Japan for thousands of years for the purpose of relaxation and reflection. Although we may not have access to hot springs in our day to day lives, we can all relate to the feeling of stillness you feel while taking a hot bath. The blue tones in the Onsen Washi paper reflects the blue hot spring waters.

Onsen Fan Earrings


Ame (雨) refers to rain or rainfall. There is nothing quite like the sound of rain and it's calming influence. The iconic Hokusai waves and grey tones used on the Ame Washi paper reminds us of moody skies and rainfall.

Ame Crane Earrings

The Seijaku Collection will be launching on Monday 27th of July at 7.00pm.

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