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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

After several months of planning, we are delighted to showcase the new Ori Project packaging.

As a small business, it's often difficult to source ethical packaging manufacturers who are willing to customise packaging in small quantities. After much deliberation, we made the decision to create our own sustainable packaging.


Our main objective with our bespoke packaging was to ensure that the box was protective, reusable and recyclable. We envisioned a simple yet elegant design which created a memorable unboxing experience for our customers. Being recyclable meant we would have to use raw materials only; no plastics, staples or foils. 

We began by producing a digital template of a sliding box. After several prototypes, we finalised the design with the die-line elements in place.

The Ori Project Packaging Design Process


The manufacturing of our packaging was done by The Print Guys in Auckland. It was really important to us to support a local business. The Print Guys used a 1965 Heidelberg Platen (letterpress machine) to diecut our customised design. Diecutting is essentially a process that stamps a shape out of cardboard or paper.

We wanted our packaging to contain a small drawstring bag to safely store our pieces. We handmade these ourselves from cotton using our household sewing machine.

Final Design

The final design featured our signature green and seigaiha (or wave pattern), which was a key component of our previous packaging. When our customers open their package, they will see a small description of the inspiration behind our name;

"Ori (n). derives it's name from "Origami," the traditional Japanese art form of folding paper. Ori is described as a prefix which alludes to something beautiful which is yet to come."

The traditional Japanese knot made of natural hemp string wrapping around the box was the final touch – keeping our earrings safe and secure on their journey to our customers.

We can't wait for you to have our new packaging in your hands.

Sasha & Kaori

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